Bhakt Kabir

bhakta-kabri-jiIt is true that with the blessings of God, a deaf man can hear, a blind man can see, a leper can cross mountains and a dumb man can speak. Bhakt Kabir’s story is an example which proves this. Immediately after being blessed by God, Kabir’s heart became pure and words of wisdom flowed from his tongue. Kabirji has himself written “Masikagad chuoo nahin kalam gahi nahin haath” – meaning: I have never touched a paper, inkpot or held a pen but I am still able to compose poetry. This is definitely a miracle of God.

When Kabirji died, the Hindus and the Muslims started fighting amongst themselves because each one wanted to perform the last rites according to his own customs. Finally, when they removed the sheet covering the body, instead of the dead body they found only a bunch of flowers – both Hindus and Muslims were completely surprised and when realization dawned cries of “Jai Kabir, Jai Kabir” were heard.

Kabirji led a very simple life. He was a weaver by profession. He always served the saints and fed the poor even if it meant going hungry himself. In this picture, he is shown at his loom but, still chanting the name of the Lord.

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