Committee 2022-2024

Message from President of Hindu Samaj, Dev Mandir

Thank you for electing me and my team to manage the affairs of Hindu Samaj, Dev Mandir for the 2020-2022 term.  My inspiration has been my late father, Mr. Kundan Lal Manchanda who served Hindu Samaj, Dev Mandir for more than 35 years.

I first joined the committee in 2001 under the presidency of Mr. Ashok Chawla, with our major accomplishment being the construction of a new school building.

In my second term, 2012-2014, as a committee member under the leadership of Mr. Chamnan Joshi, we renovated the 3rd floor of our Mandir.

In my third term, in the years 2016-2018 with Mr. Naresh Khorana as president, we renovated our second floor multi-function room.

The rest of my team for the year 2020-2022 are:

Mrs Reena Chawla, Vice President

Mr. Suthep Suphavadeeprasit (Sudeep), Honorary Secretary

Mrs. Kanika Phawa, Joint Secretary Female

Mr. Arun Nararidh, Joint Secretary Male

Mr. Suvir Sachdev, Honorary Treasurer

Mr. Vinai Gandhi, Secretary, Education Vibhaag

Mrs. Neena Rattan Secretary, Jankalyan Vibhaag

Mr. Ajay Sachdev (Bob) Secretary, Public Relations Vibhaag

Mrs. Seema Sachdev Secretary, Dev Mandir Vibhaag Female

Mr. Sanjay Pahwa (Kittichai) Secretary, Dev Mandir Vibhaag Male

Mr. Surin Ghogar Secretary, Maintenance Vibhaag

Our vision and goals for this term are as follows:

To keep the members and employees of Hindu Samaj safe during the COVID-19 pandemic while continuing to promote Hinduism in Thailand.

To incorporate information technology into the management system of the organization. Accounts, Administration, Kitchen, Maintenance, Hygiene and Religious functions will all be integrated into the system to better service our members and to ensure transparency and efficiency.

To encourage the participation of our future generation in the activities of the Hindu Samaj, we will provide Thai and English explanation for all Hindu Samaj activities to promote a better understanding of Sanatana Dharma. We will continue organizing events such as soccer tournaments, marathons and fairs to raise funds for charitable causes. We will encourage the youth to work towards the betterment of society by continuing activities such as tree planting and distribution of food and supplies during natural disasters.

Last but not least, I would like to recognize all the previous committees who have contributed their time and effort working towards the same objective, maintaining and securing the Hindu Samaj, Dev Mandir so as to continue serving and supporting our community in Thailand.

Mr. Gulshan Kumar Manchanda

The President of Hindu Samaj, Dev Mandir

Hindu Samaj Committee 2022-2024

Mrs. Chanderbala Sivasriampai

Mr. Arvind Sachdev

Mr. Sanjay V. Sarda
Honorary Secretary

Mrs. Anju Manchanda
Joint Secretary – Female

Mr. Gopi Kishan Sodani
Joint Secretary – Male

Mrs. Sweety Rani Pawa
Honorary Treasurer

Mr. Thamrondej Inthaniwech Secretary Education Vibhag

Mrs. Anita Thakral
Secretary Jankalyan Vibhag

Mrs. Jasmin Patel
Secretary Dev Mandir Vibhag – Female

Mrs. Parmeena Kanokwanvimol
Secretary, Maintenance Vibhag

Mrs. Santosh Chawla
Secretary Public Relations Vibhag

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