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The primary mission of the Dev Mandir is to cater to the spiritual needs of local communities and to celebrate all important milestones, rituals and festivals in a true traditional manner. The temple aims to get families together as a community and celebrate all important occasions in its premises. The temple aims to teach everyone the basics of Hinduism through scriptures and stories that highlight the important values of the religion.

A new Board of Directors of the Hindu Samaj Association for 2020-2022 was elected on 28th June, 2020. The team of 12 members under the presidency of Mr Gulshan Manchanda would like to thank all members for giving us the opportunity to help further the purposes of this prestigious institution.

The Board of Directors details are as follows:

President: Mr. Gulshan Kumar Manchanda
Vice President: Mrs Reena Chawla
Honorary Secretary: Mr. Suthep Suphavadeeprasit
Joint Secretary Female: Mrs. Kanika Phawa
Joint Secretary Male: Mr. Arun Nararidh
Honorary Treasurer: Mr. Suvir Sachdev
Secretary, Education Vibhaag: Mr. Vinai Gandhi
Secretary, Jankalyan Vibhaag: Mrs. Neena Rattan
Secretary, Public Relations Vibhaag: Mr. Ajay Sachdev
Secretary, Dev Mandir Vibhaag, Female: Mrs. Seema Sachdev
Secretary, Dev Mandir Vibhaag, Male: Mr. Sanjay Phawa
Secretary, Maintenance Vibhaag: Mr. Surin Ghogar

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