Meera Bai

meera-bhaiMeera Bai, daughter of Rathaur Ratnasingh, was the wife of Bhojraj, son of King Sanga of Chittaur. In her childhood, she lost her parents and her husband too died when she was very young. Consequently, she lost interest in the world and got attached to Lord Krishna. Sometimes she would dance in front of Lord Krishna’s image and sing too. Her in-laws opposed this worship. They wanted her to leave the path of devotion to God Krishna. In their efforts to distract her from this holy path, they harassed her and even tried to kill her by giving her poison and sending her a snake but “One whom He wants to save, nobody can kill him.” By the grace of God the poison which was given to her became Amrit (holy nectar). The snake which was sent in a box got converted into Shal Gram when she opened the box. Through these events Meera’s faith in God became even stronger.

In her last days she reached Dwarka where she started worshipping the idol of Krishna (Ranchor) – in the end she immersed herself in the same idol.

In this picture, Meeraji is shown completely engrossed in her love for Krishna. Playing two musical instruments (kartaal and iktaara).

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