Sant RamKrishna Paramahansa

sant-raam-krishna-ji-paramhansOne can see god in any form. But to see God it is necessary to have strong devotion and firm faith. If you have these, it is definite that you wiil see God in His physical form – there is no doubt about it.

This is the personal experience of Sri Ram Krishna Paramhans – he used to see Mahakaali everyday. The youth, Narendra, who later on was known as Swami Vivekanandji was his prime disciple. The initial dialogue between the disciple and the guru was like this:

Disciple : Hey, Guruji – is it true that God exists?

Guru : Oh disciple, you consider yourself to be Narendra and you do believe in your existence – God’s existence is more certain than your belief in your own existence.

Disciple : Can I too see God?

Guru : Look at me – as I can see you and you can see me – why can’t you see God?

With this firm determination, Swami Vivekanand (Narendra) saw God in His physical form. In this picture, Mahakaali is seen. Sri Paramhans is seated in meditation. The following holy words are written below –

1. As long as water is dirty, the shadow of the sun and moon cannot be seen in it clearly. Similarly, if man does not clear his feelings of “I”, he cannot see his own atma clearly.

2. The ocean is full of jewels. But if you cannot find a jewel in your first dive, you should not consider the ocean bereft of jewels. Similarly, if you do not see God by your little sadhna, you should not get frustrated. Have patience and continue your sadhna, you will definitely attain God one day.

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