shivaShiva the destroyer, is the supreme power who, in the form of Brahma, created the universe and who, in the form of Vishnu protects it. He is the power and he is the all powerful. His face also indicates that T am the woman and T am also the man. Right from a particle of the dust to the mighty Himalaya mountains, from an ant to the elephant, from a human being to God, whatever we can see are all forms of Shiva. In the Upanishads (holy scriptures) too, most of the recitations have the words “Shivomswaha” (I am Shiva). This means that every intelligent person should consider himself and all the things in the universe around him as forms of Shiva. Only then, will ill-feelings, jealousy, etc., vanish and one attain happiness.

Although it is very difficult to understand the reality of Shiva, yet his dress and various limbs very clearly and easily convey his philosophy.

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