Shri Ganpati (Ganesha)

shri-ganpatiOf all the deities, Shri Ganesha is worshipped first. Not only in India, but throughout the world, Shri Ganesha is worshipped in one form or the other. In the national flag of Germany, Shri Ganesha’s supreme sign is present. In China, Shri Ganesha is known as VINAYAKA and KANGITEN. In Nepal, even today, Shri Ganesha is worshipped as VINAYAKA. In Japan, the learned KABODAIEESHI spread the gospel of Shri Ganesha’s worship. In Thailand too, Shri Ganesha is very much revered. In Egypt, the famous historian, Hermes had named one God as Eicton. After thorough research, it was proved that Eicton was none other than Shri Ganesha. In India, any event or deed is embarked upon only after worshipping Ganesha.

Shri Ganesha is known by 12 different names, but the most popular/common names are GANAPATI and GANESHA. These two names indicate his supremacy more clearly.

Ganesha – means the God of Gunas (good qualities) Ganapati too, means the saviour of all good qualities. In Yajurveda, it is made very clear when it is said “GANANANTAWA GANPATI HAWAMAHE” – meaning Oh Lord of all the good qualities, we pray to you.

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