Shri Guru Nanak Dev

shri-guru-nanak-devji-maharajGuru Nanak ji is shown meditating and blessing his devotees. He had understood the meaning of God – He spread his name and taught people to understand and love each other.

Oh my mind – you should always recite the name of God. Without the pious name of God, your precious life is going waste. As the bird without wings, elephant without teeth, a woman without a husband, a prostitute’s son without his father (a fatherless son of a prostitute) can never earn respect or look graceful, similarly without reciting God’s name, a man can never earn respect in life. As a well without water, a cow without mlik, a house without a lamp and a tree without fruits do not look beautiful, similarly without reciting God’s name a man’s life is not beautiful, rather it becomes disgraceful. As a body without eyes, night without moon, earth without rain, pundit without the knowledge of Vedas are useless – similarly a man’s life is useless without reciting God’s name. One should free oneself from lust, anger, pride and greed. Never oppose the saints. Guru Nanakji further says that,” Oh God! without You, there is no one else I can call my own in the world.”

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