Shri Radha Krishna

shri-radha-krishnaThe supreme God of truth, omnipresent and the supreme Lord is Shri Krishna and his power (to please everybody) is Radhaji. Although they appear to be two different entites but, in fact, they are one and the same. Bhagvaan Krishna had himself told Radha: “You are the same as Me – definitely, there is no difference between us. As there is whiteness in milk, as there is the power of burning in fire and as there is odour in the earth, similarly I am in you – this means that the two of us are inseparable.”

Because of his presence in every particle of Radha he is also known as Radharaman. Radha is known as Radhika because she constantly prays to Shri Krishna. Both Radha and Krishna are very useful names for mankind.”

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