Shri Ram and Bhilani

shri-ram-bhilaniShri Ramji is preaching nine different kinds of Bhakti to Bhilani.

On the left hand side of the image, Lord Rama is requesting Khewat to take him across the river Ganga. On hearing these words, Lord Rama smiled while looking towards Lakshman and Sitaji. Lord Rama, the ocean of kindness, told Khewat smilingly: Brother, you do whatever is possible so that your boat is not lost. Please hurry up and wash my feet. As I am getting late, kindly take me quickly across the river.

Lord Rama! By uttering this name a man can cross all the oceans and who in his Vaman avtaar, covered the entire universe in less than three strides – the same lord is today begging Khewat to take him across the river.

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